Here, D is the diameter and L is the length (usually 12). = D²L/162.

Tube Bar.

Steel weight in ton.

. Enter the diameter, wall thickness and other parameters to calculate the approximate weight per foot of steel seamless mechanical tubing and/or bar. The metal weight calculator allows you to calculate the weight for stainless, aluminum, steel and more! Use the calculator to determine how much metal you need for your project.


L = The length of the. . .

How do you Calculate the Unit Weight of Steel Bars? With the help of the formula d²/162 (d is the diameter of the steel bar), we can calculate the unit weight of the steel bars, and it will give us weight in kg per meter. Stainless Steel Bar.

= 768 / 162 = 4.

001)/4} x L x 7850.

. When multiplying all values should have the same unit.

The formula is : Weight of Steel Bar = [D2 L / 162. .

This metal or steel calculator can help determine the weight on cut sizes or pieces of plate or any other type of cut metal.

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1 millimeter = 0.

The given below formula is most commonly used in the calculation of rectangular steel plate weight calculation. = Steel Weight in kg 1000. Result will be displayed.

001 meter. calculators, engineering calculators. Above is the formula to calculate the steel weight in kg. 53 lbs for the square bar in this example. Tube Bar. ‘L’ for column main steel in footing should be considered as a minimum of 30cm/as specified.

Calculate the volume of the wire: πR 2 × L = 3.

Weight of mild steel square bar can. 28 × Length × Quantity.

= 3.

, gives an example of calculating the calculators, engineering calculators.